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Part 2 to the previous question,he was quite rough down there for a bit actually but the swelling has gone down now.But how do I get him to rub my clit right?I've shown him how to many times and once he gets to rubbing,after a few seconds his fingers accidentally move slightly to the side and it doesn't feel very good,I'm not sure what to do about this because I've never orgasmed(I'm still a virgin) but I feel like he can make me I'm just not quite sure how.
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Is it normal to be really swollen after being fingered?

ill leave this for my followers to answerrrr

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So I'm 16 and in kind of into older guys. ( I'm a virgin though ). I've always kind of wanted a real man as my boyfriend. I think the oldest guy I would ever date is 21 at my present age. Is this normal to crave older guys?

uh no? you can like whatever age you want baeeee.

its totally normal to want someone older and maybe more mature ya

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Okay so.. I really like this guy but we are completely different in so many ways!! I'm short he is extremely tall he listens to metal I listen to the Beatles he is skinny I'm "curvy" that doesn't matter to me but he is always sending me mixed signals! He snapchats me but then doesn't respond until 2 hours later! He gets very flirty texting but then doesn't text me for days! We always talk at school and stuff but idk I'm scared that if I say anything he will get grossed out what should I do?

opposites attractttt honeyyy!

I dont know about the whole mixed signals thing tho. But when you talk to him at school why would he get grossed out!

You talk to him for as long and about whatever you want. Because he’s giving you signals they maybe mixed but they are signals.

im kinda useless i srry

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okay so this is kind of awkward for me to ask, but I think I really like this guy, but we don't talk a lot and are both extremely awkward, and unfortunately do not have a lot of things in common.. now at a party on saturday, he made a move, but I kind of rejected him, because I didn't know what I wanted, I STILL don't know what I want. Part of me doesn't want a relationship because he is kinda clingy and immature, but part of me craves one. Which side do I choose? Please help..

you just.

I can’t tell you what to choose.

but i feel like you dont want him. just a relationship.

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So I was wondering what the best way to remove my pubic hair (I'm a girl) and so that I won't get razor burn?

well (i myself dont shave down there but ive been thinking bout it)

and i did my research and i think you should watch

this video:


i think she’s very informative and way more informative than i could ever beeee

and i heard if you want to shave down there you should put like a warm towel down there to open up the holey thingys

(as you can tell im not very experienced in this field heh sorry!)

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so basically I moved to a new school this summer, it's my junior year and it sucks. major balls. anyway, I'm pretty religious, but lately I'm kind of tired of being the "good girl" (cliche I know). I just really want to go to parties and get drunk and have sex with hot boys. is is that wrong? I feel so bad even admitting it but honestly I want change in my life and I want to feel accepted by people, but nobody will talk to me and I just don't know how to get out of it. plus im super awk help

its not wrong to want to do these things man! 

Honestly i know you feel like you’re super awk but the only way is to break out of your shell! I mean i’m not saying you have to but you can make like one new friend and grow from there


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